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How Rich Schefren Speed Reads and Takes Notes

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If you need to research and retain information on a topic, check out Rich Schefren’s process on reading books and taking notes. It will blow your mind.

Here’s a summary of what he does:

  1. Gather several books covering the topic.
  2. Scan through the books relatively fast to get a very broad view of the topic.
  3. Take notes quickly to get an overview. Understand what the big points are that every book is going to talk about and what the more detailed points are that each book goes more in depth into that are important. By doing this you will be able to understand all the relationships involving the topic. When you’re ready to dive deeply into a book, you will be able to make those connections.
  4. Going deep into a  book, highlight all the important parts.
  5. Once you’re finished with the book, rip the cover off the book. Yes, if you’re a book lover you might cringe .
  6. Use a guillotine to cut the binding off.
  7. With the binding off, use a sheet-fed duplex color scanner to scan the pages of the book.
  8. Take all the highlighted material and record them into a word document. Since this is time consuming, this is delegated or outsourced.
  9. Export the document containing only the highlighted material to a PDF.
  10. Convert the PDF into an eReader format using calibre.
  11. Load the ebook into a speed reading app such as QuickReader.
  12. Speed read the ebook a few times at different speeds. Rich reads it at 2000, 3000, 4000, and then back to 2000 words per minute

In the future when you need to review a certain topic in order to achieve something, you can use the speed reading app to quickly refresh your mind on what strategies and actions you need to take.

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